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What is lets you ask legal questions for yourself or your business, and have a live experienced attorney call you at your phone number within minutes.

How does work?

Enter in your question and legal topic area(s). Choose the best # to contact you at, and if applicable, pay the call request fee.

We will notify the attorneys in your area with experience in the area you specified. Within 20 minutes, an attorney will call you at the number you gave. Once the call is complete, you will be sent a receipt for your call along with the ability to rate your attorney’s service.

How does your money back guarantee work?

If an attorney does not call you within 20 minutes of your advice request, you will not be charged for your call.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your call, we’ll refund you. Reach out to us at by replying to the call receipt you received after your call. We’re happy to help.

What are some of the main benefits of using’s services?

There are many benefits for using These include:

On-Demand: Get near instant answers to your legal questions. Never Google a legal question again.
Call counts as credit with your attorney. Your attorney will credit the cost of your call against any paid legal services you retain with them. If they don’t, we’ll refund you directly.
Experienced and Vetted Attorneys: Our attorneys have years of experience in the areas they serve, and they’ve been vetted and checked against their state’s legal commission to make sure they’re all in good standing.

How will I know when my attorney is calling?

Your attorney call will to the phone # you provided, and will be originating from a 312 area code # (that’s the area code for Chicago). The #s used are generated by a VOIP system, and not the personal or direct phone #s of the attorneys themselves. We may add additional area codes as we expand, and we’ll make every effort to list those here as we do.

When will I get charged?

When you first make a request, we simply pre-authorize your card to ensure validity. You will not be charged until an attorney calls you directly.

How long is the phone call?

Calls are directed to last 20 minutes or less. In our experience, most questions can be answered in less time than that. However, your attorney does have the option to offer additional complementary time if he/she chooses.

What happens if my call exceeds 20 minutes?

The attorney has discretion to choose their length of time on the phone. There are no additional charges for you if calls exceeds the 20 minute guidelines.

Can I choose my attorney?

In order to make viable, calls are answered by the first available qualified attorney. Our attorneys are all experienced in the areas they cover.

Can I use this at any time?

Yes. is available 24/7.

How do I know my attorney is qualified to answer my question?

We pre-screen and validate credentials for all attorneys on the platform. The attorney answering your question will have relevant experience in the question you choose.

What states do you currently cover?

We currently operate in Illinois. We’ll be expanding to other states shortly.

What can I expect to accomplish during the conversation?

For most questions, you should expect to have your question answered in the time allotted. For questions that are more complicated, or require additional work, you may need to engage with the attorney for additional services.

Can I engage the attorney directly after our call? What are next steps?

Yes. If your question or issue requires more in-depth analysis or services not covered in a 20 minute call, you are welcome to engage with the attorney directly. This engagement is done outside of the services, and the details are confidential between you and your attorney.

What happens if it takes longer than 20 minutes for an attorney to contact me?

Send us a note and we’ll happily refund you. You will not be charged if an attorney doesn’t contact you. If no attorney contacts you within 24 hours, your request automatically expires.

What happens if we don’t use the entire 20 minutes?

The call price paid is a flat fee, regardless of the length of time of the call. You are encouraged to whatever questions you may have during the allotted time.

How am I billed for my phone call?

Your credit card is charged only after the attorney calls you.

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