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On-Demand Services for Attorneys

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We work with attorneys to ensure you get the best experience possible with our legal products. If you need help, have questions, or just want to leave some feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What are Services? Services are limited-scope advice consultations requested through and fulfilled by local attorneys. Attorneys choose which areas of expertise they have, as well as the states they’re licensed in. Local clients can request, or in some cases purchase advice consultations to connect with the next available attorney. The attorneys fitting the right area of expertise in the customer’s locale will be immediately notified, and the first available attorney can call the customer directly through the app.
Once a call is complete, both attorney and client will be given the chance to review each other through an in-app or email survey. In addition, the attorney and client will also be given each other’s contact information (email, name, firm) for follow up needs. There is no charge to the attorney for these services, or to participate in at this time. If this changes, we will notify in writing prior to any adjustments.

Will I be charged for participating? Will I paid for the calls?

We are not charging attorneys to participate in the service. We are looking for high quality attorneys who wish to provide useful advice to clients, in exchange for building relationships that can lead to paid work, or referrals to other clients.
If a call includes compensation for the attorney, the attorney will be notified of the amount of compensation within the app’s request screen. The amount shown is what the attorney will be paid, net of the marketing and administrative costs to This amount may vary from time to time based on promotions or testing, however attorneys will have full discretion in choosing which calls they wish to answer.

Does this constitute fee sharing?

No. In most cases, the cost of the call will be nominal and you will not be paid for the call. In cases where there is a payment involved, we will charge a flat administrative and marketing fee to recoup the costs of our marketing and overhead expense. This will be a flat amount, and will automatically be deducted. You will see the net amount of your payment in the app itself.

Are we establishing an attorney client relationship?

No. Our terms clearly state that no attorney client relationship is established through the phone call. However, we strongly encourage you to provide useful advice and support to the client, as most are paying for the call and are looking to establish connections with quality attorneys.

What types of services can I offer?

Currently the only service available to be offered is a 20-minute advice session. We may incorporate additional services in the future.

You will be notified when additional service offerings are available, and be allowed to participate as long as you meet eligibility requirements.

Are there any software requirements?

Yes. Once approved as a platform attorney, you will be required to download and be onboarded onto the mobile application. A service representative will work with you to make sure that your proper areas of expertise are loaded into the app. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone users.

How do 20-minute advice sessions work?

Once approved by, attorneys will be required to download the app and fill out their profile with areas and categories of experience.
Client requests an call, and if applicable pays a nominal fee (to help ensure quality of leads and cover marketing costs). Attorneys matching the request needs in the corresponding geography will be notified of the request via in-app notification.
Attorneys will be able to see details about the client request in the app’s “on-demand” menu, along with any supporting materials if applicable. If the attorney feels he/she is able to perform the request of the client appropriately, they are able to call the client directly from app by hitting the “Call” button or icon.
The first available attorney to call the client is the one who “takes” the call, provided the call lasts for at least 1 minute. It will then be unavailable for any subsequent attorney to call the client. Calls lasting less than 1 minute will not be considered a fully “connected” call, and the attorney (or other attorneys) have the ability to try connecting with the client again.
Once the call is complete, both attorney and the client will have a chance to review their experience. The attorney will also be provided the contact information of the client, in order to help facilitate follow up conversations if needed.

Do I need to offer a discount to the client?

You are requested to offset the cost of the cost of any initial billable work by the amount of the client’s call (up to $50 max).

For example, if a client paid $10 for an call, and later engages the attorney for $500 in services, we ask the attorney to reduce the cost of their services by $10 (so $490 billed to client instead of $500).
This is to help encourage the client to retain the attorney they spoke with during their consultation.

How do I check for conflict of interest?

When a client requests a service, you will be able to see their full name and other information from within the app. In certain situations, you may also be able to see a link to their LinkedIn profile. However, you should also begin any call with a new client with the standard questions you normally use to check for conflict of interest.

Can I ask clients to sign my representation agreement?

Yes, and we encourage it. Most attorneys use their existing representation agreement template, updated to reflect what’s included and excluded in each service. Make sure your agreement aligns with the Legal Service Terms.

What if the client needs more help, beyond the scope of the service?

Scope is obviously very important for these services, which is why we suggest you have clients sign your representation before moving forward with any start-to-finish services. Your agreement hopefully states what will happen in the event the work goes out of scope—we leave the details up to each attorney; just make sure your arrangement doesn’t violate the Legal Service Terms. If they want to hire you for the extra work, you can arrange payment directly with them.

Can I refer clients to my private practice for further work? encourages you to continue professional contact with clients if they require additional work beyond their requested or purchased service and want to keep working with you. However, do not use the purchased service as a sales pitch. The client may have already paid for your time to answer a specific legal question.

Where will client reviews display?

Verified client reviews may appear in the website and on your online profile.

Eligibility requirements for signing up as an attorney provider:

We require the following of our participating attorneys:

Experience in your stated areas of practice
Valid law license with no complaints or violations with your state bar association
Have an iPhone (Android coming soon)
What states are covered:

Currently, services is currently available in Illinois only. We will be expanding soon to other states.
To participate, you also need to list 1 or more of the following practice areas on your profile:

Family Law
Personal Injury
Real Estate
Criminal Defense
Business Law
Estate Lawyers
Intellectual Property

How do I sign up?

Fill out the Attorney Enrollment Application:
Download and install the app onto your phone:
Once approved, we will contact you to make sure your areas of expertise are properly listed.

Is there a cost to join or monthly fee to participate?

No. There is no cost to join and no monthly subscription.

Do I have to commit to a certain length of time?

No. You can opt out of services at any time if they’re not benefiting your practice.

Setting Your Availability

If you wish to make yourself unavailable for a period of time (e.g. vacation), simply send us an email at and let us know the length of time you will be unavailable and we adjust your setup accordingly.

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